Did you know that the /f/ sound is not always represented by the letter ‘f’?

It’s written as the letter ‘f’ or two letters ‘ff’ 91% of the time. What about the remaining 9% of words?


Stress does matter

Stress does matters in English. : “huge METAL fan” vs “huge metal FAN” or “LIGHThouse keeping vs light HOUSEkeeping” or “ criminal Lawyer” vs “Criminal lawyer “…. or.. ADD YOURS

L’inglese nelle scuole italiane

Diversi studenti mi hanno detto che le loro insegnanti d inglese a scuola chiedono che si impari a memoria i paradigmi dei verbi irregolari non in base alla pronuncia ma esattamente così come scritti .. seriously ? C A U G H T invece di kɔːt….