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HOMESTAY!! Settimane e/o weekend lunghi. Moltissime attività. Sia per ragazzi -da 7 anni in su – che per adulti. Max 4 partecipanti a settimana. Let’s have some fun ! Pet Your English Danila

Stress does matter

Stress does matters in English. : “huge METAL fan” vs “huge metal FAN” or “LIGHThouse keeping vs light HOUSEkeeping” or “ criminal Lawyer” vs “Criminal lawyer “…. or.. ADD YOURS

When unstoppable forces meet immovable objects | Pearson International Schools Community

Does an international school guarantee an international education? Dr Christian Bryan makes a case for standing up for universal values and calls for more dialogue, more debate, more disputation. — Read on

Fluency Defined – IMSE – Journal | IMSE – Journal

Fluency Defined – IMSE – Journal | IMSE – Journal — Read on A great article. Enlightening.