The English Summer Homestay 2018

The English summer 2018 . Homestay with your favorite teacher ! At the seaside ! Intensive full immersion English “Live and Learn with your teacher “ course!



1. Which of these elements are features of word stress? (Mark all that apply)

  • Grammar
  • Letters
  • Loudness
  • Length
  • Pitch
  • Number of syllables
  • Prefixes

2. Check all statements that are true:

  • There are different stress levels for “long” words: primary stress, secondary stres, tertiary stress.
  • Word stress will not influence pronunciation.
  • Suffixes do not influence the placement of word stress.
  • Every word of 2 syllables or more will have at least one syllable which is stressed.
  • Word stress placement may vary in certain cases depending on the variety of English (example: British English vs. American English, etc).


L Inglese è cosi !!! Ci tiene “svegli”… Sempre un po’ attenti. Ogni volta che devo scrive lose…. Penso “🤔🤔🤔 una O ? Due O….”. And this is exactly why we love our English!! #lovenglish #petyourenglish #confusingwords #almenolinglesesapevatelo

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