Perché? Perché? Perché ?

Why? Perché la parola “BOW” può avere due significati diversi a seconda del modo in cui viene pronunciata ? E alloraaaaaa….

Dys-lexia & English as a second language

Famous people with dyslexia: Steve Spielberg, Salma Hayek, Tom Cruise,Richard Branson, Jim Carrey, Anderson Cooper , Patrick Dempsey, Tom Hilfiger, Jamie Oliver, and so many more..! Ma imparare l Inglese SI PUÒ. E ci si può anche diverti. Perché non esiste solo scrivere e leggere.. esiste ascoltare, cantare, ripetere, toccare,colorare, chiudere gli occhi e “vedere” le parole, vedere i colori. ! Percheè C È S E M P R E un altro modo. !

Back story : who was Susan,and was she truly lazy?

In the absence of maids or footmen to refill wine goblets and deliver condiments, diners were forced to reach across the table or interrupt conversation with “pass the salt please”… voilà “the lazy Susan” helped solve that problem…

Who first came up with Lazy Susan remains a mystery. Who exactly was Susan… legend has it she was the daughter of the person who invented this turnable trays…