Mese: luglio 2017

Work,works,homework,housework…. countable?uncountable?

I am done with work! I can finally do some housework and may be workout a little bit more…. ma quindi "work" noun – lavoro, attività, "works" -strutture,costruzioni,produzioni,"to work" -verbo,lavorare. Compound words,phrasal verbs … ma quanti ?!! Work in,work off, 🏋 work out, work on,work over… do you think I'm a workaholic??

It is always a matter of…..pronunciation

Pur essendo sempre vegetariana vorrei – come spesso faccio – parlare della pronuncia di steak, carne bistecca. La parola S-T-E-A-K non, ripeto NON , si pronuncia S-T-I-C-K- . si pronuncia come in bake,cake, lake,cake,take, just to make English a little interesting and challenging, else, wouldn’t it get boring ? Phonemic transcription /steɪk/.