On Top Of

Bottom line we are always on top of the situation !! E quanto ci piace l ‘inglese ????

on top of something

in control of a situation and aware of changes:

The stock market has been unpredictable, and you really have to stay on top of things.

On top of is also used to mean in addition to, esp. something unpleasant:

We missed the bus, and on top of that it started raining.


Happy Caturday

And study English even if it’s Caturday and even if it’s Christmas !

Phrasal Verbs…Travelling

Exactly what we need … for our fantastic long weekend in….stay tuned to find out

Phrasal Verbs of the day 

COLLOCATIONS. Learn phrasal verbs with nouns that go with them. È sempre piu sempilce imparare phrasal verbs  quandary vengono spiegati in un contesto. 

Ma cosa sono esattamente i Phrasal Verbs ? Verbs that consist of a verb and a particle. Particles are small words which you already know as prepositions or adverbs. Some of the most common : ABOUT (A)ROUND AT. AWAY BACK. DOWN  FOR  IN  INTO  OFF ON  OUT  OVER  THROUGH  TO  UP



There is always a different way.  Non “chiediamo ai pesci di arrampicarsi sugli alberi “… lasciamoli nuotare nell’acqua!